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Lebanon renews its call to stop Israeli attacks

By filing a complaint with the Security Council about the attacks on civilians in Nabatea and Al-Sowaneh on Wednesday, the State Department called on the United Nations to condemn such Israeli crimes and pressure Tel Aviv to stop the escalation.

According to the text of the complaint published here, Lebanon emphasized that Israel's deliberate and direct bombing of civilians safe in their homes is considered a violation of international humanitarian law and a war crime.

At the same time, he pointed out that Israeli hostility constitutes a violation of Lebanon's sovereignty, the integrity of its territory and its citizens, as well as all United Nations resolutions calling for an end to the violations and occupation of the country.

At this point, he warned against continued Israeli aggression at a time when international efforts and diplomatic movements are active to achieve calm, given Lebanon's affirmation that it rejects war and provides a path to achieving sustainable security in the south.

Given the brutality in Tel Aviv, the ministry called on the international community to put pressure on Israel to quickly stop its ongoing attacks.

He also stressed the need for Security Council members to unite in condemning Israeli aggression against Lebanon in order to prevent a worsening of the situation and an expansion of the war.

The State Department reiterated its call for the UN Security Council to clearly condemn Israel's direct, deliberate and repeated attacks on Lebanese civilians.

On Wednesday evening, an Israeli drone with a guided missile attacked a residential building in the southern city of Nabatea, killing 10 people, including women and children.

On the same day, another Israeli attack targeted the home of Lebanese Jalal Mohsen in the town of Al-Sowaneh, murdering his wife and two children, aged 13 and two, respectively.