The makers of the UNO game warn against abusing the

The makers of the UNO game warn against abusing the rule with +2 and +4 cards

The UNO board game is one of the most popular entertainment games that friends and families from different countries around the world have fun with.

The UNO, which consists of a group of cards of different numbers and colors, The winner is the player who deals all cards first and must call UNO when he has the last one left.

Despite it, Each group of players has established so-called house rules, which consist of adapting the game to each situation and depending on what they share with each opponent.

This diversity has led to discussions on social networks that have forced the official account of the game on X to clarify some situations.

One of the most frequently asked questions concerns the possible uses. to cards +2 and +4, which consist of drawing two and four cards respectively. Some players have stated that they use these cards strategically to avoid drawing and accumulate a larger number for the next opponent who cannot counter them.

If you score a +2… the person who had to draw 2 can put in a +2 card and have the next person draw 4asked one user.

However, the game's creators warned that this rule is poorly applied and does not correspond to the original rules. When UNO Game inquired about this on its X account, it clarified that these were cards with face value +2 and +4 They cannot be combated, leaving the victim with no choice but to steal the provided number.

This would also affect the accumulation of cards that would affect another opponent, as it would not be possible for players to be penalized by drawing an indeterminate number of them.

The rumors are true. It is officially not possible to stack +2 on +2“warned the UNO game’s official account.

If +4 is played, the next player must draw these cards and loses their turn“, he emphasized in another post.