Legion of Honor to Bezos There quotLeftquot attacks Macron

Legion of Honor to Bezos. There "Left" attacks Macron

Allegations against French President Emmanuel Macron. Left circles in particular are targeting him, who deny that he secretly ascribed the Legion of Honor to US billionaire Jeff Bezos, proving himself “more than ever as the president of the rich”.

The Legion of Honor is the République’s most important award and was presented to Amazon’s founder in a discreet ceremony on February 16, just as France was rocked by strikes and demonstrations against the controversial pension reform Macron himself wants.

The Elysee points out that Bezos is a “partner in the initiatives undertaken by France to protect the climate and biodiversity, in particular the protection of forests”, but this feel-good thesis does not seem to convince the left. «Having decorated the butcher Mohammed ben Salman (Saudi Prince) who kills journalists, Macron now adorns with the Legion of Honor Jeff Bezos, advocate of tax evasion, looter of jobs and nature. More than ever, President of the rich!” Bastien Lachaud, France Insoumise MP, protested on Twitter. Words similar to those of his party colleague Leila Chaibi. Well done Jeff Bezos! While we marched against pension reform, Macron decorated it on behalf of France to evade tax billions, destroy the planet, spy on workers. A well-deserved reward from the president of the rich!” For his part, Communist Party secretary Fabien Roussel denounced the attribution of the Legion of Honor to “a world exploiter and king of tax optimisation”. “The President’s doctrine: punish all the French, reward the billionaires.” Same music from socialist Hervé Saulignac: “Legion d’Honneur for Bezos in homage to what Emmanuel Macron? To be the best at dodging taxes? To be the chief gravedigger of traditional crafts? I really don’t understand.”