Life in Prison Transgender Impersonator Luka Rocco Magnotta Jailed for

Life in Prison: Transgender Impersonator Luka Rocco Magnotta Jailed for Murder

A British transgender impersonator of murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta, who allegedly attacked his neighbors' cats live before killing a 30-year-old from Oxford in the United Kingdom, was sentenced to life in prison on Monday.

“Her decision to kill the victim was not in response to anything he said or did. It wasn't a momentary mistake, it wasn't a decision made in anger […] “It was the culmination of a plan that you had considered and formulated for months,” Judge Martin Chamberlain said as he handed down the sentence on Monday, according to The Independent.

Murderer Scarlet Blake, 26, has been sent to prison after being sentenced to life in prison with no chance of release until 24 years for the murder of Spaniard Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, in Oxford in July 2021.

According to surveillance camera footage shared by Thames Valley police, the woman lured her victim to a remote area near a river before drowning and killing her. Brags about it to his girlfriend who lives in the US.

The latter would have offered the police the final piece of the puzzle about the thirty-year-old's death by contacting him in April 2023.

The investigation would then have revealed that Scarlet Blake had had “a fixation with violence and knowing what it would be like to kill someone” for several months.

In particular, the murderer had carried out the murder of a neighborhood cat live on the Internet, as a tribute to the murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta, who cut up cats on the Internet before turning his knife on Jun Lin, a Chinese student living in Montreal.

She would have kept the cat's severed head as a souvenir and visited the scene of Jorge Martin Carreno's murder twice to take photos of the crime scene.

The transgender woman was found guilty by a jury after just six hours of deliberation before receiving her sentence this week.

“There are several aspects of this case that are truly disturbing to watch, hear and process. This defendant showed calculated cruelty. The murder was premeditated with total disregard and it is clear that only a life sentence is appropriate,” replied Superintendent-Dé. Detective Jon Capps, senior investigating officer with Thames Valley Police's Major Crime Unit, posted on Facebook on Monday.