1709370403 Lisa Symphonic Between red neck and glamour

Lisa Symphonic | Between red neck and glamour

Every time Lisa LeBlanc takes the stage, something happens. By choosing to end her two-year Chiac disco tour on Friday with a symphony show at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, she created a unique event in her own image: joyful, spontaneous and musically to the point, with just a little Touch of irreverence, and above all, full of life.

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Queen of disco, western, banjo or bingo: the Acadian singer-songwriter was all that on Friday and more. Wearing a long, sequined dress, she entered the stage with a curtsy and was greeted with joy by a very different audience than the one we see in this room, which is generally mostly white heads – that's not a criticism, it is an observation.

The atmosphere was already electric for Lisa LeBlanc, who chose to start the evening with one of her most moving songs, Kraft Dinner. Alone on the guitar, she sang this unusual love song in a gentle voice, the melancholic side of which was enhanced by the Laval Symphony Orchestra, as if she wanted to give the evening a more solemn side.

Lisa Symphonic Between red neck and glamour


Lisa LeBlanc and the Laval Symphony Orchestra

But with Dans l'jus the tone quickly changed, while her “traditional” group – Maxime Gosselin on drums, Benoit Morier on bass, Sunny Duval on guitar, Camille Gélinas on keyboards – joined her. A song that lends itself well to arrangements since its original version is already orchestral. But we appreciated the addition of the brass at the end, and that was the beauty and intelligence of Antoine Gratton's arrangements, all those little unexpected details and those sometimes amusing surprises that added spice to the piece.

This was followed by the irresistible “Why do today”, in which the orchestra led by Jean-Michel Malouf seemed to be in the shadows compared to the electric instruments. They actually buried it at times throughout the evening, although securing it was successful most of the time. It's also a shame that the orchestra was a bit hidden: unfortunately we didn't get to see the musicians well throughout the evening.

After this first, long-acclaimed disco-funk block, the singer finally addressed the audience. “You’ll make me cry by the third song!” she said, visibly happy.

We're playing with an orchestra, it's really happening… I don't understand anything, but I accept it! Still, the Wilfrid Pelletier room isn't the least bit stupid!

Lisa LeBlanc

That's how we like Lisa LeBlanc, both open-hearted and racy. Just like we liked this theatrical version, played at the slow trot of “J'pas un cowboy” and reworked to feel like a saloon. The Western atmosphere was rounded off by two pieces from his English album Highways, Heartaches and Time Well Wasted.

1709370383 248 Lisa Symphonic Between red neck and glamour


Lisa LeBlanc

Lisa LeBlanc then returned to her disco vibe, which she explained was “a meeting between red neck and glamour.” “That’s how I feel tonight!” she said before launching into the excellent and rousing Gossip I. Of course there were also quieter moments, like the very beautiful “Me seen like it's easy”, but before that the musician didn't try the “symphonic banjo”. for two rousing songs – a test, let's say, not too conclusive!

The final part of the show went with a bang, starting with Gossip II where we appreciated the orchestra's funk skills. Lisa LeBlanc then took us into her bubble of happiness to make us dance… During the musicians' presentation, the singer transformed into Belinda, her Bingo Queen character, created during the pandemic to relieve boredom, and then sang their big hit (!) It's Not a Game, It's a Lifestyle, which ended with a heavy guitar solo from Sunny Duval.

1709370388 647 Lisa Symphonic Between red neck and glamour


Acadian musician Lisa LeBlanc ended her tour at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier in Montreal.

When we got there, we already knew that we had experienced a pretty unusual evening that was unlike any other symphony show to date. But when Lisa LeBlanc sang “Today, my life is shit” at the end with the same gentle restraint as the first song and the whole crowd joined her in singing her refrain “which we will never get tired,” we knew we had seen the funniest thing and the most unusual show finale in the entire history of show finales.

“It was a unique evening,” said Lisa LeBlanc shortly before. Not just for her.