These ungrateful young people who spit on Quebecers

These ungrateful young people who spit on Quebecers

We are surprised these days by the increasing contempt towards native Quebecers from immigrant young people in Montreal schools.

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You have to live far from Montreal or not have children between, say, 12 and 25 years old to be surprised.

It is a haughty and mocking rejection of the French-Quebec identity itself and therefore a form of racism.

He's not new, but teachers say he's making progress.


This anti-Quebec racism has several causes.

How can Quebecers born here hope to be respected when they themselves constantly bend their backs?

Our leaders, our intellectuals, our media, our artists – not all, but many – are often reluctant to proudly affirm the value of local culture in the name of openness and inclusion.

Many teachers and textbooks glorify foreign cultures, glorify all differences, but hardly celebrate the culture of the majority.

In school, children learn that everything that goes wrong in the world is primarily the fault of the West, of which Quebec is, even if only a minor part.

It is not uncommon for young people to arrive from country X or to be born here and whose parents come from this country.

When a young person of foreign origin says about native Quebecers that their wives are sluts (the exact word was cruder, according to the statement quoted by J.-F. Lisée in Le Devoir), then the fundamentalist Muslim is speaking through him in a special case.

For many of these young people who look down on the “kebs,” as they call them, the culture of their homeland is superior.

If I had one of them in front of me, I would speak to him quite openly.

I would ask him directly: If the culture of your home country is so great, explain to me why this country is such a disaster.


A culture is not just about songs or gastronomy. Above all, it is ways of being, thinking and acting that influence economics, politics, law, science, spirituality, etc.

Take, for example, the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East.

Basically, these are economically poor, politically authoritarian, scientifically underdeveloped, unstable, often rigid and intolerant countries.

Look at your country of origin, I would tell him. Look at him as he is. And you dare to teach the “kebs”?

Do you know a single native Quebecer who dreams of enjoying this culture so wonderful that these countries are full of people who dream of coming here?

And you yourself, so arrogant, what is so extraordinary about you? Show me. I'll drive you back to the airport if it's that bad here.

For their part, the “Kebs” should ask themselves what interest they have in the ways of being, thinking and acting that have contributed to the failure of these young people’s countries of origin spreading here.