Litschauer/Greens: France's nuclear policy is irresponsible

14 new nuclear plants will not solve the energy crisis

Vienna (OTS) – “France's announcement that it will build even more nuclear power plants means less participation in the expansion of wind energy and photovoltaic systems. This move away from the energy transition is irresponsible taking into account the climate crisis and supply problems in Europe”, says Martin Litschauer, anti-nuclear spokesman for the Greens, about Macron's announcements.

“While France plans new nuclear power plants, cross-border environmental impact assessments of existing reactors are still pending. Furthermore, the announced expansion does not correspond to the lack of money and personnel of the French nuclear energy company EDF. The nuclear disaster in Flamanville, where the EPR nuclear power plant has not been completed for years, and Hinkle Point C with exploding costs and a partner who has backed out, make it clear once again: nuclear plants are not only climate-damaging and dangerous, but also are not worth it economically. Litschauer is irritated.

“Apparently, little has been learned in France from the delays in the Flamanville nuclear power plant project and the accident at the EPR nuclear power plant in China, in which the French energy company EDF is involved,” says Litschauer. Electricity production costs of over 14 cents per kWh at the current project at Hinkle Point C also show that this technology is too expensive. Last but not least, the question of where the uranium and fuel rods should come from remains open. “It is incomprehensible that France wants to become even more dependent on the Russian supply chain Rosatom, which is a company involved in the war in Ukraine, through the expansion of the nuclear power plant”, warns Litschauer.

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