Torrent This widely used tracker blocks access to thousands of

Torrent: This widely used tracker blocks access to thousands of files, but has no choice – Phonandroid

A tracker used in the exchange of millions of files via the BitTorrent protocol is blocking many. There is a very specific reason for this that the creator of the tracker wants to respect.

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Through a flawed but simple abbreviation, Torrents are associated with piracy. However, it is originally a simple one Protocol for exchanging computer files appointed BitTorrent. Every day, Millions of people use it to send and receive documents or others. The process is facilitated by called programs tracker. To understand what they are used for, it is necessary to know that the files exchanged are “hashed”, that is, they are identified not by their name, but by one Sequence of numbers and lettersTHE Hash.

If you search for something via torrent, the tracker will answer you Display of the people offering the file corresponding to the requested hash. Some kind of identity verification that ensures you download what you wanted. This works on legitimate exchanges, of course, but also if someone is looking for one copyrighted film For example. If we consider that the hash is a kind of alternative file name, we can Identify those that link to content that shouldn't be distributed for free. This is where the tracker has a role to play.

This open source torrent tracker blocks access to many files

Among the most used torrent trackers in the world are OpenTrackr. It was founded in 2015 by a single person, Isa, and today manages up to 500,000 connections per second. It represents several TB of data per day. There are inevitably some in the pile that the rights holders want to see disappear. Therefore they emit DMCA Requests forward directly to Isa by listing the corresponding hashes, which violates their copyright. The goal is it block so that files can no longer be accessed. Their number fluctuates greatly: almost 0 in 2021 and 2022 3000 in 2023.

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OpenTrackr does not hide these blockages and publishes the loaded hashes, which in itself does not provide any information about the associated content. The inventor of OpenTrackr always raises eyebrows: “Blocking a few thousand hashes among the millions of active hashes is a small price to pay, the harm it would cause to so many services that depend on our tracker far outweighs the benefits of that 'Ignore'.” Requests we receive.” In fact, there is no point in risking jail time and astronomical fines for what remains, above all, a hobby.

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