Livia Andrades painting at Luciano Huck will end See what

Lívia Andrade’s painting at Luciano Huck will end; See what must happen to the famous on

Back to SBT? With the end of the painting “Acredite Se Quiser”, on Sunday with Huck, what will be the fate of Lívia Andrade?

the lecturer Livia Andradewho rose to national prominence after years of working alongside SBT owner Sívio Santos recently made his new station debut.

Lívia Andrade caused a stir on social media when she announced on her Instagram that she was TV Globo’s latest hire. The muse has been announced as a new member of the program Domingão com Huck, presented by Luciano Huck.

Lívia Andrade took her place in the painting “Acredite se Querer” and the enthusiasm was great. However, the “Believe it or not” season came to an end. The last episode was last Sunday the 2. The attraction of the program that started in August said goodbye to the audience.

The question that won’t remain silent: And now, Lívia Andrade? Many were curious about the future of Lívia Andrade at Marinho station. There were questions on social media even if the muse would return to SBT. However, the answer is no! According to portal EM OFF, the former favorite of Sílvio Santos can rest easy because the attraction will return to the schedule in November, as the global jury has a contract with the channel until the end of the year.

It’s even worth noting that Dona Dea Lúcia, mother of perennial comedian Paulo Gustavo, was so delighted that she was guaranteed her place in the attraction next season as well.

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Back to SBT?  With the end of the painting Back to SBT? With the end of the painting “Acredite Se Quiser”, on Sunday with Huck, what will be the fate of Lívia Andrade? Photo: TV Globo reproduction

indirectly to the rival

In contrast to her professional life, Lívia Andrade’s personal life still seems to be very soft. For those who don’t know, the muse is dating Lívia and businessman Marcos Araújo, and this relationship has already generated a lot of conversation.

It turns out the actress also publicly exchanged barbs with Audiomix owner’s exwife, digital influencer Pétala Barreiros. The bullshit even ended up in court.

To complete things, Lívia Andrade released an enigmatic text in which her followers thought that this would be a kind of indirect for her rival who is part of the cast of ‘A Fazenda 14’.

“Good night my people! “Let’s wake up”, “Let’s wake up”… Because just having your eyes open is not enough, you have to be smart. Because in this world of my God there is above all a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” she wrote.

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