Loredana Bertè comes second by a narrow margin at the San Marino Festival: she will not go to the Eurovision Song Contest

February 25, 2024, 9:38 a.m

The singer, who wanted to go to Sweden to “break up with her ex-husband”, will not go on stage in Malmö. As in Sanremo, she also received the Critics' Prize this time. Standing ovation from the audience


“Vote for me, I would like to go to the Eurovision Song Contest because it is in Malmö, so I will annoy my ex-husband (ex-tennis player Björn Borg, editor's note). And I will take revenge.” ” With the same combative intent that was announced at the Sanremo festival Loredana Bertè She also presented herself at the San Marino Festival, which surprisingly only crowned her second place. “By far” – as they announced from the stage – the Spanish band “I Megara” wins and thus secures their ticket to Sweden. Loredana Bertè, the big favorite the evening before, received another consoling critics' award after the award in Sanremo. This time it comes from the accredited San Marino and international press. Standing ovation from the audience.


Loredana Berté came a close second in San Marino That's why the Spanish rock group “I Megara” will represent the Republic of San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, from May 7th to 11th. In fact, they won the third edition of the Una Voce per San Marino festival with the song “11.11”. Second by far was Loredana Bertè, the big favorite the night before, who came seventh at the Sanremo Festival with the song “Pazza” and won the Mia Martini Critics' Award named after her sister. Third Place: La Rua with “The Government of the Heart,” made with Dardust.

Jalisse also received awards in San Marino Jalisse also received awards at the San Marino Festival. They won the “Best Look” award from the San Marino Outlet Experience. With “Il Paradiso è qui” the duo returned to the track after the Sanremo event and took tenth place.

And again the “Ogae Italy” award, given to Loredana Bertè by the Italian Eurovisivo fan club. “Felbal” award for the most radio-friendly song, presented by Radio San Marino: LA Rua. The “Ludovico Di Meo” Prize was awarded by San Marino RTV to the best young artist: I Megara.

Who won “A Voice for San Marino” 2024? Megara is a rock band born in Madrid in 2015 that will participate for the Republic of Titan in the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place from May 7th to 11th in Malmö, Sweden, where Italy will be represented by Angelina Mango, who triumphs Sanremo. The Spanish band consists of Kenzy (vocalist), Rober (guitar), Vitti (bass) and Ra Tache (drums); His musical style was defined as “fucksia rock”.

The last evening, live on television and online from the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana, was presented by Fabrizio Biggio and Melissa Greta Marchetto and the artists were evaluated by a jury chaired by the composer and record producer Celso Valli. The jury also includes Clarissa Martinelli, John Vignola, Steve Lyon and Anna Bischi Graziani, Ivan's wife. This year, recalled the Secretary of State for Tourism, Federico Pedini Amati, “artists from 36 countries took part, of which 350 came to the Republic to take part in the competition”.

The San Marino Regulation In fact, it is envisaged that applications can be received from all over the world and the language in which you can interpret your song is also free. The mechanism thus favored the emerging Spanish Megara. Eight emerging and nine big names took part in the final: the latter, alongside Bertè and La Rua Pago, Marcella Bella, Jalisse, Aaron Sibley, Aimie Atkinson, Wlady-Corona-Ice Mc-Dj Jad and the British blues singer Dana Gillespie, winner of the Casperaki competition for songs that combine the creativity of artists with artificial intelligence technology.

Guests Riccardo Cocciante, Filippo Graziani and the Piccolo Coro dell'Antoniano. Among the spectators were Al Bano, president of the jury last year, Massimo Boldi and Fausto Leali.

To win the first two editions of the festival they were Achille Lauro and the Tuscan group Piqued Jacks.





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