Lorella Cuccarini What if my daughter Chiara fell in love

Lorella Cuccarini: “What if my daughter Chiara fell in love with a woman? My children were born free”

Lorella Cuccarini is ready Sanremo 2024 and most of all, she is in love with her family. In an interview with Repubblica on the eve of her adventure as co-host of one of the festival evenings, I talk about her relationship with her husband and children, especially afterwards the words of his daughter Chiara, who said that he could also fall in love with a woman.

“I realized how shocking my reaction was. Then there are difficult situations, but I can't imagine parents not accepting the idea of ​​freedom. My children were born free and Chiara says what she thinks and feels. I love her and am with her, a mother wants her children to be happy. The greatest value is family».

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Last year the most popular among Italians, a definition he obviously doesn't particularly like, was at the Ariston with Olly on the evening of the duets with the ballet La notte flies. A ballet that went viral because of the perfection and power with which he performed it at the age of 57. Now he is 58 and is preparing to return to Sanremo. He will appear alongside Amadeus at cover night on Friday. «

The last thing I imagined was Sanremo. I had fun with Olly: a nice return to my image, the affection of the audience, everything way beyond my expectations.” Instead, the call came. “I was at dinner and didn’t have my phone at the table. At ten o'clock in the evening I saw the call from Amadeus, I wrote to him: “Love, whenever you want, even now.” The evening passes, I think: it's not urgent. When he was 6, he texted me back: “I’m sorry, but I go to bed like chickens.” And he begins: Would you do an evening of the festival? I immediately spoke to Maria (De Filippi), she was happier than me (Lorella Cuccarini is in the cast of Amici in the 5th edition of Canale).».

No monologue for her. «I tell myself about my job. I love Ama with all my heart, he remained human as he was, I was happy about his success, he is a great worker. What moved me wasn’t the call, but the motivation: It’s my last festival and I want to do it with friends.”

It is not the first or even second time that Lorella Cuccarini has been at the Ariston. “The first time was in 1987, again with Pippo: that year I was a dancer in the Palarock. In 1995 there was a crazy line-up – Fiorello, Giorgia, Morandi. I went with no expectations with a song that my husband Silvio had written. On my night I came third and tenth overall. For me it was like I had won the festival.”

However, Lorella Cuccarini's true victory is her family. She says she is warmer and happier with her children and husband than her mother, she says. “Love is also built, it needs to be protected and requires effort. It is not easy. But I never liked simple things. Consumerism goes crazy in all areas when we think about satisfying only the senses, hello. Without my family I wouldn't have been able to do it alone. I always know where to go back to, it's a place where I can be myself and talk about anything. Especially in difficult times».