The flight is delayed by three hours the man despairs

The flight is delayed by three hours, the man despairs, climbs onto the wing of the plane and remains trapped; WATCH VIDEO

Photo: Reproduction.

Last Thursday (25) a man was arrested in Mexico in a special situation. Annoyed by the threehour delay in the takeoff of a flight, he decided to break open the emergency door and climb onto the wing of the Aeroméxico company plane. He was later arrested by the police.

A passenger shared details of the incident on During this entire period, the air conditioning did not work and there was no water supply.

Another passenger recorded a video on TikTok and X explaining that the man walked along the wing before returning to the plane. He allegedly opened the emergency door out of “desperation,” according to the description. However, police detained him due to international aviation regulations.

Since the crew received no information and the elderly passengers were “on the verge of fainting,” as the passenger reported, the man decided to activate the emergency exit and climb onto the wing of the plane.

The flight, which was scheduled to take off from Mexico City to Guatemala, was parked on an airport runway. According to the airport administration, there was no damage to the aircraft.

With information from O Globo.