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Love Messages From Turkey (+ Audio And Photos) CMHW The Center’s Radio Queen

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There is a representation from Villa Clara with six specialists and from the city of Kahramanmaras we received the first impressions via WhatsApp from Doctor Juan Carlos Dupuy Núñez, the leader of the brigade in the sister country.

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Dupuy points to the affection with which they have been received since their arrival at the airport and the close ties with the Turkish people in a city that has a third of the victims of the earthquake that devastated that nation.

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Doctor Dupuy, a clinical laboratory specialist, is the founder of the “Henry Reeve” contingent, he has served on missions in Liberia against Ebola and in Pakistan when that city was also hit by an earthquake. In addition, this respected doctor was always in other latitudes before each call, such as Eritrea and Venezuela.

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Today, together with his colleagues, he reaffirms his willingness to remain in Turkey as long as necessary, because “home is humanity”, said José Martí, and for us it is an opportunity to offer our love and serve to the Turkish people . ‘ concluded his message.

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IMG 20230215 WA0023Photos: Courtesy of the interviewee.