Shocker revealed he had sexual relations with a fight promoter

Shocker revealed he had sexual relations with a fight promoter

José Jairzinho Soria Reyna, better known as Shocker, weeks ago revealed he was retiring from the ringwhich caused a lot of reactions as it was one of the great references of Mexican wrestling.

However, in recent years the fighter It used to be a trend due to its scandals, since he was more than once caught in an uncomfortable state in excesses for which he was eventually arrested.

What revelation did Shocker make?

In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in “The minute my destiny changed”, the “a thousand percent beautiful” opened up and revealed several controversial episodes at the beginning of his career, such as the fact that having had sexual relations with a promoter taking him on a tour of Japan, even though he was under the influence of drugs.

I had a sexual relationship with a man, with a promoter for money. I messed with a man who was very drugged and very drunk. I did it and it caused me problems with certain colleagues who They thought he was gaywhen I felt like the worst garbage in the world.

“To this day I still remember and would like to kill that person. He has already died, he was a great promoter, in fact he took many colleagues to fight in the United States, he took me to fight in Japan. It was Victor Quiñones‘ he commented.

How did the facts come about?

On the other hand, during the interview, the fighter also gave details of how the meeting with Víctor Quiñones took place. after going to a bar and returning to the hotel in search of drugs.

“One day we went to a bar in an entertainment center called ‘Las Fabulosas’. From there I went to the hotel with him and since he bought drugs Well I wanted more drugs and I did crazy things, I let him get inside me. When I understood it, I suddenly said ‘that’s not right’ and I got up and went to take a shower, but I had already done it,” he concluded.