Low blow for the former footballer

Low blow for the former footballer

The Colombian singer will make an announcement that her ex-partner Gerard Piqué will not like.

The acrimonious breakup of Shakira and Gerard Piqué continues to be heard and it seems that there are still chapters to close. Now the Colombian singer's final “revenge” against her ex-partner and father of her two children has become known.

Shakira has sought refuge in music to overcome one of the most complicated moments of her life: her breakup with Gerard Piqué after a 12-year relationship.

The Colombian artist has been unstoppable in music for months and is preparing a special revenge for the former Barcelona player in a football keyboard.

The singer from Barranquilla has just released her new album “Las mujeres ya no Llor”.

The launch will take place in March of this year, the date on which, according to the latest information, the Colombian singer will also announce a new world tour for all her fans.

“My new album will be released on March 22nd. I didn't do it alone, but with all of you and with my pack of wolves who accompanied me every step of the way. The creation of this work was an alchemical process. As I wrote each song, I rebuilt myself. When I sang them, my tears turned into diamonds and my vulnerability into resilience,” explained the Colombian in a statement shared on her social networks.

Piqué's ex won the last Latin Grammys, held in Seville this year, and did the same at the Billboard Awards, where she also announced a world tour that will pass through Spain.

It is therefore confirmed that Shakira will return to Spain after a tough trial for six crimes against the Ministry of Finance and has survived her media separation from Gerard Piqué. But that is not all.

According to sources close to Shakira, the Colombian megastar will announce her next world tour in March and would like to perform in Madrid.

Shakira plans to give up to four concerts at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, her ex-partner's enemy territory for many years. Did your bad relationship with the Catalan have any influence on this decision?

Shakira wants to leave her mark on the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Spain's most important stage after its impressive transformation.

Full of physical and emotional energy and having overcome her problems with the Treasury and her split from Gerard Piqué, Shakira is planning a huge world tour in 2025, to be announced next month, which could include four dates at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Shakira has been living a new life in Miami with her children Milan and Sasha for months. There he has the peace that he demanded and that was impossible in Spain after his stormy separation from Gerard Piqué, who is in a relationship with Clara Chía Martí.

In the United States, the artist is refocusing on her profession, music, a facet that she left aside in Spain, where she focused on taking care of her children and supporting her ex-partner, whom she continues to throw darts at various interviews she gave.

A few months ago, the Colombian was featured on the cover of Hola magazine in her country and spoke openly about many topics. “In Spain I have already established myself in the years I have been there and have dedicated myself to raising my children and supporting the career of my ex-partner. My career suffered because I was far away from the music industry and the actual place of my work, which was the United States,” says the artist from Barranquilla.

Shakira insisted that she sacrificed a lot to be with Gerard Piqué, who then took a risk and eventually ended their relationship to start a romance with Clara Chía Martí.

In the same interview, Shakira assures that “I have never seen my children so happy,” referring to their life in Miami, which can be seen as another blow for Piqué, since she says that now that she is are not, are happier than ever live with him. There he said that the little ones lived like “two normal children”, without so much media pressure: “They go to their extracurricular activities without anyone following them, not like in Barcelona, ​​​​where we have paparazzi in front of the school every day had a door.” . “They lead a free and normal life like two normal children, not like children of celebrities.”

The artists already confirmed to perform at the New Bernabéu are: Taylor Swift, Lola Indigo, Duki, Luis Miguel, Aitana, Manuel Carrasco and his compatriot and friend Karol G.

Feb 29, 2024 4:24 p.m. / Draft

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