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Lucrezia Lando: "I have a door in front of my nose"the suffering and rejection that characterized them Spetteguless

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No one can imagine that artists as talented as Lucrezia Lando have received severe rejections in the past. Today. the dancer from Dancing with the Stars, He has overcome the pain of these “no’s,” which is why he can easily talk about them.

Lucrezia Lando

Lucrezia Lando – Spetteguless.it

Little by little, thanks to the program of Milly Carlucci, Lucrezia Lando has managed to prove that she is a promising star in the dance world. The dancer has also been on everyone's lips in recent months because of her love affair Lorenzo So much, son of Rocco Siffredi. Lucrezia reached the peak of success “Dancing with the Stars” in 2020 triumphed paired with Gilles Rocca.

His talent as a dance teacher managed to bring out that of Gilles, who had never before been exposed to the world of dance. His participation in the very popular program Rai affirmed her worth as an artist, dancer and person. Today we can, without a doubt, consider her one of the most talented and charismatic dancers on local television.

Lucrezia Lando and the suffering of the big no in the past

She is currently not lacking work or satisfaction on site. However, Lucrezia Lando also experienced difficult moments in the past that significantly affected her self-esteem. In 2013, as TeleSette reported, Lucrezia experienced a moment of discouragement when she was rejected from the casting of “Amici”, the TV talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Lorenzo Lucrezia

Lorenzo Tano and Lucrezia Lando from Dancing with the Stars – Spetteguless.it

This rejection, which was perceived as a disappointment at the time, Over time this made her stronger. Reflecting on this episode, Lucrezia shared a positive perspective: “Doors are thrown in everyone's face, and then the doors open.” This experience only strengthened her fighting spirit and led her to even greater success.

After being rejected from “Amici,” Lucrezia’s career took a surprising turn. Her participation in Dancing with the Stars was her true happiness: it allowed her to highlight her extraordinary talent as a dancer. In fact, Lucrezia has for all intents and purposes pursued a career as a presenter and successfully ran the show “The Village of Miracles”, among othersAn experience that presented a new challenge and an opportunity for professional development. Lucrezia is therefore not only a good dancer, but also a promising presenter.

His path, marked by successes and difficult moments, shows that even in the face of rejection and disappointment, it is possible to find the strength to move forward and achieve new goals. The rThe relationship with Lorenzo has also generated followers for his social media accounts increased: The Internet loves to follow the development of love stories between well-known characters, including those of Lucrezia and Lorenzo.