Luis Miguel and the criticism of supporting his girlfriend Paloma

Luis Miguel and the criticism of supporting his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas’ daughters and not the ones he had with Aracely

the mexican singer Luis Miguel live two gifts And while he was in the pro circuit, he confirmed his anticipated return with a series of concerts for your Tour 2023the family has not been able to maintain this stability.

The “Sun” is now the subject of various reviews in which he is accused of being a bad father, take care of the daughters from his new girlfriend, Paloma CuevasAnd not to do the same with the ones he had with Aracely Arámbula at the time.

It should be remembered that lately the relationship between Luis Miguel And Dove was caught on camera in Madrid, Spain while it is becoming more and more formalized.

Both are seen together more often and there are even rumors that the musician gave his girlfriend an engagement ring. The best proof of the good relationship of the two is this trip in which they were accompanied by Paloma and Bianca, the daughters of the businesswoman.

According to the latest issue of Semana magazine, the romantic moment happened during a dinner with family and friends nearby The Zalaguetaan urbanization of Marbella.

Luis Miguel has been called a bad father for not taking care of his children

Despite the fact that love has returned to Luis Miguel’s life, the “Sun” has received multiple criticisms through social networks, since it cannot be seen with good eyes that he is interested in children that do not belong to him, while Daniel and Miguel, the ones with whom he had Aracely ArambulaThey never got the same attention from you.

This came about when “Luismi” was photographed with Paloma and Bianca driving them to school in his own car, escorting them to the door and greeting the paparazzi who caught him on one of his days off.

It should be remembered that this was the case recently Aracely Arambula He confirmed that he had decided to take action against Luis Miguel as he had not received appropriate alimony since 2019.

Despite this, Luis Miguel He is preparing for the long-awaited start of his big comeback tour, which will take him back to Mexico in 2023 to give a series of live shows that his fans have already been asking for and that will show why he is one of the most important singer of the world is the last times.