Orban tears up the EU Hitler like unification project

Orban tears up the EU: “Hitler like unification project”

The European unification project as Hitler’s lust for conquest. The connection was made today by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has had attempts to restore an empire on his old territories since the end of the Roman Empire: “Byzantium, Charlemagne, Otto, Napoleon and Hitler all dreamed of it.” on different foundations, European unity,” he said in his speech in the town of Veszprém. And the situation is no different today, according to the Hungarian head of state: “An independent national existence and the idea of ​​an empire exist at the same time.” National cultures and European values. Sovereignty and, as they say in Brussels, an even closer union.” With these last words, Orbán quoted the preamble to the Lisbon Treaty, which applies to all EU member states.

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“He is ill,” commented opposition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány. Comparing Hitler to the idea of ​​European unity “is a sick and loathsome thought,” he wrote on his Facebook page. It now remains to be seen how EU leaders will react to such a severe and direct frontal attack on EU politics.

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