Maduro says election deals in Venezuela 'fatally violated'

Mature Nicolas

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, today during an event at the National Electoral Council (CNE) in Caracas (Venezuela)

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, announced this Thursday 25th the end of the agreements with the opposition for the 2024 presidential elections, claiming that he had threatened “plans” to assassinate him. The agreements, signed in Barbados last October under Norwegian mediation, aimed to hold presidential elections under international observation in the second half of this year. Maduro said the agreements had been “fatally violated” and placed her in “intensive care.” The head of the delegation from Venezuelan government, Jorge Rodríguez, had previously stated that the 2024 elections would take place “with or without the Barbados agreement.” In addition, Rodríguez questioned the eligibility of opposition leader María Corina Machado, who won the opposition alliance's primaries, and stated that Maduro would seek reelection.

Allegations of attempted murder are common in the Venezuelan government. More than 30 arrests were announced last week in connection with suspected conspiracies between opposition leaders, US intelligence agents and the Colombian army. Rodríguez called on the Norwegian mediators to review the agreements and provided evidence of the alleged conspiracies. “They keep saying: 'We want to check the status of the agreements'. Come so we can give you all the evidence and you will have to do something.” The opposition Unity Platform coalition classified the government's allegations as “fiction” a.

*With information from AFP