Sanremo 2024, here are all the duets from the cover evening


Homage to Pine mango, Luigi Tenco And Ennio Morriconeupon arrival of guests such as Gianna Nannini, Riccardo Cocciante, Roberto Vecchioni: Amadeus officially makes the duets and covers the focus of the evening on Friday, February 9th Sanremo Festival 2024. The announcement came with a gag Fiorello This woke up the host and artistic director of the festival, who announced the list of artists in pajamas from his bed.

Here are the duets and covers
Alessandra Amoroso with me

Boomdabash with a medley;
alpha with
Roberto Vecchioni with Vecchioni’s “Dream, boy, dream”;
Angelina Mango with the String Quartet of the Orchestra of Rome with “La rondine” by
Pine mango;
Annalisa with
The representative of Lista and the Artemia choir with “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics;
BigMom with
Gaia, La Niña and Sissi, in “Lady Marmalade”; The
Bnkr44 with
Pine of Anjou with “What Idea”;
Clara with
Ivana Spain and the children's choir of the Teatro Regio of Turin with “The Circle of Life”;
Dargen D'Amico with the
BabelNova Orchestra in a great tribute to Ennio Morricone;
Diodat with
Jack Savoretti with “Love you come, love you go” by Fabrizio De André;
Emma with
Breach in a mixture
Tiziano Ferro;
Fiorella Mannoia with
Francesco Gabbani with “May she be blessed” and “Occidentalis Karma”;
Fred De Palma with you
Eiffel 65 in a medley the Eiffel 65;
Gazelles with
Lightning in “Night before the Exams” by Antonello Venditti;
Geolier with
Guè, Luchè and Gigi D'Alessio in Strade a medley of songs;
Ghali with the well-known Tunisian producer
Ratchopper in a medley entitled Italiano Vero;
The three with
Fabrizio Moro in a medley of Moro's hits;
The flight with
Stef Burns in Queen's “Who Wants to Live Forever”;
Irama with
Riccardo Cocciante in “When Love Ends”; The
The sad thing with
Donatella Rector in “Tlamette”;
Loredana Bertè with
Venus in “Ragazzo mio” by Luigi Tenco;
Mahmood with me
Bittis Tenors in “How Deep the Sea Is” by Lucio Dalla;
Manninni with
Ermal Meta in “You Haven’t Done Me”;
Mr. Rain with me
Gemini diversI in “Maria”;
Negramaro with
Malika Ayane in “Canzone del sole” by Battisti;
Renga and Nek in a medley of her songs; The
wealth and poor with
Paola and Chiara with “It Will Be Because I Love You” and “Mamma Maria”;
Rose villain with
Gianna Nannini in a medley;
St. John with
Aitana in a medley of “Butterflies” and “Mariposas”; The
French saints with
Skins in “Hallelujah”;
The Kolors with
Umberto Tozzi in a medley of Tozzi's greatest hits.

The rules On the fourth evening, that of duets and covers, the artists will perform a cover from the Italian and international repertoire, published up to and including December 31, 2023. The three voting systems have a percentage weight on the overall result of the evening vote, divided as follows: televoting 34%, press room jury, TV and web 33%, radio jury 33%, and an evening ranking is created of 30 artists. The artists in the top 10 places in the above-mentioned evening ranking will be announced to the public. The first placed artist can be declared the winner of the evening.