MAFS UK39s Peggy Rose splits from Georges Berthonneau Star reveals

MAFS UK's Peggy Rose splits from Georges Berthonneau! Star reveals she is struggling with her mental health after calling it quits just days after announcing she was having children

MAFS UK's Peggy Rose has announced she has split from Georges Berthonneau.

Peggy said in a statement on Wednesday: “I am so sorry for my silence on social media, but there is a reason for my silence.”

“Me and Georges are no longer together and I am absolutely heartbroken.

“It affected my mental health and it took me weeks to come to terms with it, but since it's Valentine's Day I can't pretend everything is fine.”

She ended the post by thanking her followers for everything they've done for her since finding fame on Married At First Sight.

MAFS UK's Peggy Rose has announced she has split from Georges Berthonneau

MAFS UK's Peggy Rose has announced she has split from Georges Berthonneau

Peggy added: “Thank you to everyone who supported us and our journey…”

“No one is more upset about this than me x.”

It comes just days after the couple revealed they were planning to get married in real life after meeting on the Channel 4 show.

The pair were chosen by the expert for the experiment last year but hit a rough patch during the series.

Peggy almost abandoned Georges and left the show, but the experts helped them with their problems and they stayed together.

And now they want to take their relationship to the next level by getting engaged and starting a family.

Georges told Closer magazine: “The plan is to have children.”

“Of course we have to stay together, move in together and get engaged.”

“She lives at home, I live at my place. “I'd like to let her move in with me, but she has so much stuff.”

The couple previously sparked fears that their romance was over when they were noticeably absent from social media, but in November last year they confirmed on Instagram that they were stronger than ever.

Peggy wrote: “CONFIRMED: We're still together!” We've been holding off on sharing and suppressing social media to give ourselves some much-needed time after the show ends.

“Even though we're in a relationship, we still have our own identity and individuality – that's what makes us so strong.”

“As cliche as this may sound, we want to thank you all for your patience – it hasn’t been easy, but sharing our journey with you means the world to us because your continued love and support is everything to us.”