Maira Cardi discovers Arthur Aguiars secret and is shocked understand

Maira Cardi discovers Arthur Aguiar’s secret and is shocked; understand

Nata, May 16, Monday, posted by Bianca Rayla Businesswoman Maíra Cardi took to her Instagram today, May 16, and revealed her husband’s secret Arthur Aguiar. Therefore, for more information on the news, read until the end of the article here on the site. Prime diary.

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However, it’s nothing new that the lives of businesswoman Maíra Cardi and her husband and exBBB Arthur Aguiar are the subject of news and controversy on a daily basis. That’s why Maira Cardi appeared on her Instagram stories today and shared that she discovered her husband’s big secret in her closet.

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However, it was all just a big joke. However, she said: “Jesus, beloved, I have discovered something that Arthur is hiding from me! Jesus, beloved, look at this…” the blonde concluded, showing off cookies and treats that her lover would have saved.

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Arthur Aguiar’s life after participating in the BBB 22 program

However, we do know that Arthur Aguiar’s life is causing controversy even before the boy took part in the reality show. However, due to numerous leaks, the actor’s name is always a target on social media. However, things have changed since he attended the BBB. Today, as the actorsinger amasses a large following who call themselves Points of Light, the boy has gone from canceled status to one of Brazil’s darlings.

However, the boy’s life is very busy. After the heartthrob started sweepstakes for mobile and tablet on his Instagram, the news is that he’s already won more than the BBB award. His financial life seems to be booming after reality.

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Ups and downs in marriage

So today, after going through several ups and downs, Maíra Cardi and Arthur say they are at one of the best times in the couple’s lives. Despite multiple speculations about new betrayals, the couple remain strong and strong and love to post romantic clicks on the internet.

Maíra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar  Reproduction instagramMaíra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar Reproduction instagram

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