Major League Baseball has a problem with see through pants

Major League Baseball has a problem with see-through pants

There is growing dissatisfaction in Major League Baseball over the new uniforms from Nike and Fanatics, particularly when it comes to the pants.

The start of training camps has allowed players to try out new equipment designed to improve performance. While the lightweight material makes movement easier, it also seems to make some parts of the body visible.

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Photos showing the transparency of the pants caused a lot of discussion on social networks. One photo in particular of the Cleveland Guardians' new pitcher, Scott Barlow, sparked reactions. You can clearly see that the sweater is tucked into his pants and even his Nike shorts.

Even Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Dodgers' $700 million man, wasn't spared.

Tony Clark, director of the players' association, told ESPN on Thursday that putting numbers and letters on the uniforms is more complicated because the fabric is so light.

“A lot of the rhetoric is an endorsement that the pants are see-through,” said the player representative, who visited a half-dozen camps in Arizona in recent days.

Major League Baseball would conduct its own survey of athletes to make the necessary changes to the uniforms.