The Jalisco USA Foundation reunites Latino families separated by the

The Jalisco USA Foundation reunites Latino families separated by the border

Migration, a complex phenomenon, has profound impacts on Latino families. A separation lasting years or even decades leaves a deep mark on the soul and spirit of those who seek it a better future in the United States. therefore, the Jalisco USA Foundation It positions itself as a crucial unit that brings together families scattered by hardship and hope. In this context, he was responsible for bringing together 24 people who had traveled last Friday Mexico until Southern California.

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What is the Jalisco USA Foundation?

The Jalisco USA Foundationa non-profit organization, has been dedicated to strengthening the cultural and family ties between them for the past eight years Mexico And UNITED STATES. With a particular focus on the Jalisco community, this foundation has taken the initiative to bridge the gap that migration often brings.

Not only does it promote cultural exchange and immigration assistance in the United States, but it also specifically focuses on reuniting migrant families torn apart by the border. Last year he was responsible for bringing together more than 20 people Families separated by the border as in the case of Verónica Ramírez, who had not met her mother for three decades.

“I'm waiting for the moment to hug her and have her back with us,” Ramírez said excitedly.

Together with their siblings, they ran excitedly to their parents and relived the joy of childhood. Feliciano Ramírez, his father, shared his regret over the distance but was grateful that his family was finally reunited. “It's sad not to look at them, but now look, we have them here in front of us,” said the father.

These meetings are part of an initiative that allowed 24 people from Jalisco to cross the border to reunite with their loved ones, despite the barriers imposed by documentation.

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How do you help families get back together?

Carefully designed programs will… Jalisco USA Foundation becomes a catalyst for the reunification of separated families. Cooperation with local authorities and consulates facilitates the bureaucratic and legal procedures for obtaining visas.

Even if these actions seem administrative, they lead to moments of pure emotion: parents hugging their children after 20 years, grandparents meeting their grandchildren for the first time. These stories, characterized by tears of joy and long-awaited hugs, become a testament to the positive influence of the foundation on the lives of migrant families.

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The Jalisco USA Foundation reunites Latino families separated by theFor eight years, the Jalisco USA Foundation has, despite the passage of time, reunited hundreds of families. Photo: Jalisco USA Foundation

How long will families spend together in Jalisco, USA?

The reunification program Jalisco USA FoundationWhile it doesn't promise a permanent solution, it offers families the opportunity to reconnect and share precious moments. Although the time in USA Varying depending on the case, these reunifications serve to heal wounds and strengthen family bonds, so that migrant families have an unforgettable experience and, in many cases, the opportunity to begin the process of a more stable reunification.