Man who survived lethal injection will be executed Thursday using

Man Sentenced to Death by Nitrogen Asphyxiation Loses Court Appeal and Alabama Prepares for Execution G1

The US state of Alabama must execute a man using a method considered cruel

The state of Alabama in the United States is expected to execute a prisoner by nitrogen gas asphyxiation on Thursday evening (25). It is a simpler form of execution than lethal injection but has not yet been tested and therefore has sparked controversy.

He is one of the few people who survived an attempt on his life by the state: in 2022 they tried to execute him with a lethal injection, but could not find a vein that could serve as an intravenous route to apply the poison, and so gave up them up.

Now the technique will be as follows: He will be tied to a stretcher and a mask will be put on him that covers his mouth and nose. This mask is connected to a bottle of nitrogen gas without oxygen. This way he cannot breathe in oxygen.

The state of Alabama says this is the most painless method of execution because he would lose consciousness within a few minutes and die shortly thereafter.

Those opposed to the death penalty (including UN human rights experts) said that the method was an experiment on a human and that it could simply cause injury without killing him or that it could even lead to death through torture.

Last minute attempts

His lawyers made two lastminute attempts to prevent the execution.

  • On Wednesday, lawyers argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that a man sentenced to death cannot be subjected to two attempts at execution. The request was rejected.
  • Also on Wednesday, lawyers appealed to an appeals court, saying there could be problems with the mask and there was a risk of brain damage. The court rejected the request. Smith's representatives then appealed to the Supreme Court, which ordered the execution to continue this Thursday.

1 of 1 Kenneth Smith, man sentenced to death in the state of Alabama, USA Photo: Portal Kenneth Smith, man sentenced to death in the state of Alabama, USA Photo: Portal

Death penalty experts say the state of Alabama hasn't provided enough information about how it would respond if problems arise.

Pastor Jeff Hood, Smith's spiritual advisor, will be at the condemned man's side at the time of execution. He had to sign a form acknowledging the risk the execution method posed to others.

The air we breathe is about 78% nitrogen and about 20% oxygen. If the bottle causes the nitrogen concentration in the room to increase and the oxygen concentration to decrease, there may be a risk that those present will become unconscious.