Marieta Severo visits Artists Retreat and meets friends Itatiaia

The actress Marieta Severo visited the Retiro dos Artistas, a retirement home in Rio de Janeiro, this Tuesday (16). The artist is one of the people who support the facility with donations and posed with friends such as actor Paulo César Pereio.

“A special day at the Artists' Retreat with the illustrious presence of Marieta Severo, our dear partner, donor and collaborator. Together we cultivate art, solidarity and lasting bonds,” says the official Retiro dos Artistas account on social media.

Marieta Severo and actor Silvio Pozatto at the Retiro dos Artistas

Reproduction | Social media

The institution currently houses 53 artists and is in financial difficulties. The site's president, Stepan Nercessian, criticized the lack of mobilization of some names from the artistic class to contribute to the preservation of the animal shelter, which has existed for 105 years.

“I am taking action against businessmen, lawyers and politicians and asking them not to cut off the water. But artists have to be aware of this, they should always come here. When they come, they are thrilled. I even went to a psychologist to understand why artists even mobilize to save hamsters and here we have to ask for God's love,” he stressed in an interview with O Globo.

As Retiro dos Artistas announced, anyone can visit the institution by appointment, just like Marieta Severo. The animal shelter is still accepting donations.

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