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Maurizio Costanzo’s coffin has arrived at Campidoglio

Maurizio Costanzo’s coffin has arrived at the Campidoglio for the opening of the burial chamber, which will take place today (opening at 10.30 am, closing at 6 pm) and tomorrow in the Protomoteca room. He was greeted by the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri and two of the journalist’s children, director Saverio Costanzo and screenwriter Camilla Costanzo. Among the first to arrive, Francesco Rutelli with his wife Barbara Palombelli and Emanuela Aureli. Four vases of white roses were brought in with the coffin. In the back of the room, between the crowns of the capital Rome and the Lazio region.

“There is a moving tribute by Roman men and women to a giant of television, culture and journalism like Maurizio Costanzo, who was also a man of exceptional professionalism and humanity. A very sweet and kind person, an unrivaled professional.” That’s what the mayor of Rome says Robert Gualtieri at the exit of the Maurizio Costanzo funeral home in Campidoglio. “The widespread reaction in the city proves how much he is a person to whom we all owe a lot and to whom Rome will pay due homage – he adds –. Now there is a collective hug from Rome for him, for his family and for the others “who wished well”.

“He helped millions of Italians understand and explore life. In his witty, no-nonsense, nosy way of understanding what’s coming around the corner,” Francesco Rutelli said of leaving the funeral home for Maurizio Costanzo, where people of all ages began. Among the familiar faces who have arrived so far have also been Gianni Ippoliti, Mara Venier, Pierluigi Diaco, who burst into tears, Rudy Zerbi, Ermete Realacci and Valerio Mastandrea, who entered holding a rose.



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