Max Mariola is overjoyed the family is growing the happy

Max Mariola is overjoyed, the family is growing: the happy announcement will make you smile iFood

Max MariolaMax Mariola – (Photo by Ansa)

At this moment there is no happier person than him. The Mariola family is expanding. This obviously drives him into ecstasy.

At this moment, hardly anyone manages to remove the smile he has from his face because This news made him jump for joy. In fact, no one is happier than him.

He can't wait to make it known to everyone, so much so that he is already counting down the time until his arrival. He just can't help but be happy.

However, this is more than normal considering it runs in his family Soon a new member will join, namely his “son”. With this in mind, he can only be happy about it the effort he made to get it.

He worked a lot to get it, but after a lot of effort, he has now succeeded and therefore he just has to wait for his “birth”.. It will open in Milan and will be called Max, just like him.

A time of full satisfaction for the chef

Therefore, with this announcement we can only say that it is 2024 for Max Mariola started well. Therefore, at this moment he can only look to the future with a smile.

This message represents the peak of good news which he has received recently, and there are many. The last year was actually full of satisfaction for the chef. The biggest concern is certainly the publication of the book.The sound of love“. Not only is it his recipe book, but also a summary of his journey into the world of cooking, his biography, his essenceand something that certainly fills him with pride, almost as much as the arrival of this new member.

Max MariolaMax Mariola – (Photo by Ansa)

Arrival of Max Mariola in Milan

The chef will welcome you in the coming weeks his “son” Max MariolaThe it will be called the same as him, its founder. The existence his first restaurantit is more than right to name the building that way, namely with the name of the chef who opens it.

It is inaugurated in the heart of Milan, on Via San Marco and the chef can't wait for that moment to come. For this reason, he is truly in seventh heaven. How can you not blame him! For the most famous chef on the internet it can only be a great joy. We too can only be happy for him and wish him all the best for the future.

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