Meghan Markle is about to return to London and that

Meghan Markle is about to return to London (and that will be right when Kate Middleton returns to the public eye)

The last time of Meghan Markle To London dates back to September 2022, when the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. Since then, the Duchess has (apparently) been very disappointed with the cold reception that the Windsors reserved for themHe always stayed away from the English capital. But in a few months, as GbNews explained, “he will not be able to avoid returning.”. In fact, the celebrations will take place in London in May on the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games, concluded with a ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral. This is a very important event for Prince Harry. And his wife would have decided to stay by his side. If it were true, Meghan would return to London around the same time Sister-in-law Kate Middleton is set to return to royal duties. The Princess of Wales, who is recovering at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor from the delicate abdominal surgery she underwent last January, will not actually appear in public again until after Easter.

A coincidence in time, in all probability it won't help solve the problem War between sisters-in-law (and their husbands), which has been going on for years and which Harry also talks about in detail in the bombshell book Spare. Since he found out, Dad Carlo III is suffering from cancer, but the Duke seems determined to mend the rift with his illustrious relatives. «Illness can bring a family closer together» said Harry recently. This appears to be planning to appear in the UK next May with the children Archie and Lilibet Diana. A step that seems to correspond to the Duke of Sussex's desire for reconciliation: the presence of the children will certainly make him happy Grandpa Carlo, who can finally spend some time with his grandchildren.

However, the task of resolving the feud with William and Kate appears to be much more difficult. The Princes of Wales – after all the venom that the Sussexes spread against the royal family – According to the British press, they are angry with the dukes and are not at all inclined to reconciliation. It seems that Harry, during the short visit with dad Carlo III cancer patient, he would have been willing to meet his brother «when the opportunity arose». But the opportunity never presented itself. Why Wilhelm He wouldn't even want to hear about his brother. Not to mention meeting him. And Kate would feel the same way as her husband.