Michel Barrette travels the famous Route 66 with his wife

Michel Barrette travels the famous Route 66 with his wife and his photos are something special – 7 Days

Michel Barrette and his partner are currently traveling the famous Route 66 in the United States and the photos he shares on his Facebook page are absolutely mesmerizing.

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Deeply in love with Route 66 in the southern United States, Michel Barrette and his wife enjoy their vacation to the fullest by traveling this emblematic icon as a duo. On social networks, the comedian expressed his unwavering love for this path, which he has already taken several times.

In the caption of the numerous photos he shared, Barrette provided some details about his experience, sparking an overwhelming desire to pack our own bags and head off on an adventure.

Here's what he had to share:

“Since I am an avid Route 66 lover, we took advantage of the annual Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona to treat my wife and I! We flew to Las Vegas, rented a Dodge Charger, got on Route 66 near Kingman and traveled what I consider to be the most beautiful section of the 66, the one between Kingman and Flagstaff. The desert, old abandoned cars, old gas stations, happiness! I stayed in Flagstaff, in an old hotel in the historic district, then drove south to Jerome, Arizona, the most haunted mining town in the United States, and slept in Room 32, the most haunted room in the hotel! Head to Scottsdale this morning to attend tomorrow's auction! I'll keep you posted!”

To see the great photos you can find them below:

We wish you a wonderful romantic trip!

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