The controversial behavior of the actor Jose Loreto causes unease

The controversial behavior of the actor José Loreto causes unease behind the scenes of the program Brasil Notícias

In the afternoon of this Thursday (25), the journalist Vladimir Alves revealed during the program “A Tarde É Sua” that an embarrassing situation occurred during the recording of the program “The Masked Singer” on Globo. Commenting on the global attraction, the communicator noted that the person who saves the music program is comedian Paulo Vieira. And then he commented on the participation of the actor José Loreto and that caused a lot of conversation.

“With Zé Loreto they said he was still something like a Lui Lorenzo. He just wants to show off his abs, stay there, stay there,” Vladimir Alves began. It should be remembered that Lui Lorenzo was a character that the actor played in the last 7 p.m. soap opera “Vai na Fé” on TV Globo. Shortly afterwards, Alessandro LoBianco added to his colleague's speech. “He tried to hit them [mascarado] Lettuce (…). José Loreto broke down, he said it was the best dance,” the columnist began.

At that time, the journalist spoke on the show about the embarrassing situation that unfolded. “[José Loreto] He tried to pick it up, gave the lettuce a little kiss and the lettuce turned its back on him. The salad went something like this: “No, it’s not, Loreto,” LoBianco revealed. With Paulo Vieira the story was different. First, Vladimir Alves said the comedian told him that Sabrina Sato was getting involved with a “new guy.”

“The one who saves this program, Sonia, is Paulo Vieira. With the jokes, with the jokes. “He entertains the audience, everyone is very happy with his presence there,” explained the radio presenter. “Go back to 'Big Brother,'” LoBianco whispered jokingly. That's because the comedian had a stint on the reality show but didn't return for this season of “BBB24.” Vladimir Alves also said that Paulo Vieira makes a lot of jokes and always guesses impossible names to guess who the masked person is.

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