Middle East Israel bombs the southern Gaza Strip How many

Middle East, Israel bombs the southern Gaza Strip: How many dead

On the night of Friday to Saturday, Israeli bombing raids focused on the south of the Gaza Strip, particularly in the Khan Younis area. Palestinian media reported on this. According to the Wafa news agency, there was also heavy fighting in the area around Nasser Hospital, with a total of 29 deaths. Khan Younis has been the epicenter of Israeli ground operations in recent weeks. The fighting has forced thousands of Gazans to flee the area, many of them already displaced from the northern neighborhoods where Israel launched its offensive.

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Meanwhile, the current conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has claimed almost three times more lives than in the last 15 years combined. This comes from a report by United Nations Women, the organization's gender equality body, as reported by CNN. The latest statistics speak of more than 24,620 Palestinians killed since the war with Hamas began on October 7, 2023. The report particularly analyzes the impact of the war on women. According to the data, about 70% of those killed were women or children. Furthermore, in the current situation, women do not have adequate water and sanitation services, including for menstrual hygiene, which has a negative impact on mental and physical health, the report said. In addition, communication and power outages significantly limit gender-based violence services. In total, 1.9 million people (or 85% of the total population) have been displaced in Gaza, including about a million women and girls, UN Women estimates, the agency said. According to the United Nations International Children's Fund, there have been nearly 20,000 births during the current war in Gaza, with many mothers suffering or dying during childbirth due to a lack of resources and facilities.