Seidy the girl quotI am a lady and I will

Seidy the girl: "I am a lady and I will sell my virginity for four million dollars"

For those who thought they had already seen what he was capable of Seidy The Girlthe Cuban singer surprised you again with her latest statements.

The “Mulatica” singer recently revealed this in an interview for the YouTube show “Destino Tolk”. never had sexual relationships and plans to sell her virginity for a considerable amount.

“I am a lady and I will sell my virginity for four million dollars”assured the artist in front of the incredulous looks of the presenters Destino Positivo and Fernan.

According to the singer, this is the case The best way to take advantage of your virginityand clarified that he had several relationships, but none of them became sexual.

Despite the apparent seriousness with which Seidy approached the issue, many of his followers on the networks doubt that it is true and think that it is another strategy to attract attention.

Just a few days ago, the artist said that she was thinking about selling the thong that she will wear at her next concert, assuring that she has already done so He has an offer of $2,000 for it..