The night a model disfigured Leonardo DiCaprio39s face

When a Model Injured Leonardo DiCaprio’s Face

A violent event rocked Hollywood in 2005 and left the famous actor dead Leonardo DiCaprio with physical and mental wounds. The incident occurred during an extravagant party at the villa of Rick SolomonEx-partner of Paris Hiltonin Hollywood Hills.

DiCaprio, known for his brilliant career in films such as Titanic and Django Unchained, was among the guests at the glamorous evening, surrounded by other stars and models including Aretha Wilsona 20-year-old girl with a turbulent past.

At some point during the evening, Wilson turned to DiCaprio, who was chatting with other attendees. According to some eyewitnesses, she mistook him for an old boyfriend who had been violent towards her.

Without exchanging any words, The young woman grabbed a glass and threw it in the celebrated actor's face..

The glass shattered into shards, tearing open the actor's face and causing him to have a stroke heavy bleeding. Leonardo was immediately taken to hospital, where 17 stitches were administered to close the deep wounds.

In the meantime, The model was arrested by authorities and charged with assault with a deadly object. Images of the incident circulated around the world, sparking excitement and discussion about safety at Hollywood parties.

It was later revealed that Wilson had problems with alcoholism and addiction to other substances and eventually admitted his guilt to the charges against him.

Wilson was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon a fine of $22,000 to cover medical costs and compensate the actor for damages.

Although the attack left a scar on DiCaprio's memory and he made a full recovery, the actor chose to maintain public silence about the incident, despite rumors that he was deeply affected by the experience.

Despite this episode, the artist continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, known for both his acting talent and his commitment to environmental causes through his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

In addition to his participation in iconic productions such as those mentioned above, his talent has been recognized with an Oscar, three Golden Globes and a BAFTA Award.

The actor is currently the talk of the town because of his latest film. “The Moon Killers,” directed by Martin Scorsesewhich has already received ten nominations for the 2024 Oscars, although DiCaprio was surprisingly not nominated for Best Actor despite a critically acclaimed performance.