1684073194 More than 30 dead in Israeli attack on Gaza

More than 30 dead in Israeli attack on Gaza

According to reports from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the attacks killed 33 civilians and injured 190 over five days.

  • Result of the Israeli aggression against Gaza
    Result of the Israeli aggression against Gaza

This was reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza 33 Palestinian citizens were killed, 30 percent of whom were women and children, and another 190 were injuredduring the five-day Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

On the other hand, 20 buildings were completely destroyed, 56 houses and 940 were damaged, 49 of which remained uninhabitable.

According to the government, the losses initially amounted to about five million dollars. In the agricultural sector, on the other hand, they amounted to more than three million dollars, preventing the export of more than a thousand tons of products.

The Al-Quds Brigades and Resistance Groups They waged a new battle using missiles and new technologies in response to the assassination of six Islamic Jihad leaders.

At 10:00 am last Saturday in Jerusalem, they announced the entry into force of a cease-fire agreement and began celebrations of victory at the Battle of Jerusalem “Revenge of the Free”.

Egypt was the mediator between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist enemy.

Last Tuesday, the occupation launched its aggression against the Gaza Strip, shelling houses and apartments in the north, center and south of the Strip, killing several people and injuring several.