Will the China Balloon Affair End UFO Speculation

More than one in ten Canadians believe in extraterrestrials

One in ten Canadians believe in extraterrestrials and think they will likely visit Earth in their flying saucer.

At least that’s what an Ipsos survey conducted at the end of 2022 among 24,471 people in 36 countries about their sermon for 2023 revealed.

When asked “Do you think it is likely or unlikely that extraterrestrials will visit Earth?” 18% of global respondents answered yes. In Canada, this percentage reaches 12%, or more than one in ten people.

The same proportion of respondents believing that green people will visit the earth was observed in France (12%).

The highest percentage was recorded in India, where 43% of respondents believe they will arrive, ahead of Saudi Arabia (38%) and the United Arab Emirates (36%). In the United States it is 17%, while the Japanese are the most skeptical (8%).