Mother and son record content for OnlyFans together sparking controversy

Mother and son record content for OnlyFans together, sparking controversy: "It's our job"

A Brazilian family has sparked controversy around the world because of their involvement in the production Adult content. In the interview the model Andressa Urach and her son revealed details about their involvement in filming videos for the account OnlyFans from her and that came from the young man's idea.

Andressa Urach |  Mother and son onlyfans |  RedeTVMother and son are the protagonists of this bizarre but lucrative story. Photo: LR/IG composition by Andressa Urach

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Who are the mother and son who work together on OnlyFans?

The protagonists of this particular story are the Brazilian model Andressa Urach and her son Arthur Urachwho create videos together for them OnlyFans her. The strange thing is the different features that each one develops in this project, which is based on sexual and explicit adult content and started as a viable option for generating income.

Andressa Urach |  RedeTV |  Adult film actressAndressa Urach accompanied by her son and colleague Arthur Urach. Photo: Distribution

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What role does Arthur Urach play in his mother's explicit videos?

Recently, in an interview with RedeTV, the model's son was asked about the special work he does on his mother's content and he revealed that he is the one who records his mother's sexual relations and acts as a director in these videos , which they publish for OnlyFans: “For me it’s completely normal, because you have to know.” Separate the professional from the personal. Since we are something professional, we have a routine, We shot different scenes“This is quite a production,” commented the young influencer, who is also a DJ and photographer.

“It's our job. Actually, I tell him, “Do this position” or “We need this scene.”“We need to improve the lighting,” I look for situations that give the audience a sensual feeling,” he added in the conversation.

How much does Arthur Urach make from recording his mother's OnlyFans videos?

Arthur Urach also explained that the profits they make from this platform for distributing explicit videos will be shared between the two, but not equally: “I make 10% of what she makes. It's money! I make more money.”said the young man, who began taking in his mother at the age of 18.

Andressa Urach |  RedeTV |  Adult film actressThe videos Andressa Urach makes are 100% explicit and were all shot through the lens of her son Arthur. Photo: Andressa Urachs IG

Furthermore, the Son of Andressa Urach He added that he is working on recording and producing the videos It doesn't cause any problemsas long as his mother's encounters with other men are reserved for the “blue platform”.

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What does Andressa Urach's son say about her work?

The young man stated that his main interest is not to see how his mother has sexual relations, but that everything is based on a functioning function: “Of course I wouldn't like to see them having sex in an intimate context (off camera).”he emphasized.

Andressa Urach |  Arthur Urach |  Onlyfans“She is my mother and I have no desire for her. Sometimes.” I even feel disgust“Explained Arthur in another interview for Radio Metropolitana.

Finally, the son of the former Miss “Bum Bum” accepted that he really likes it when people talk about him and that he doesn't mind the criticism because he is a professional and does that “Record a model”.

Who is Andressa Urach?

Andressa de Faveri Urach is a 36-year-old Brazilian model who rose to prominence as a contestant on the sixth season of “A Fazenda,” the Brazilian version of The Farm. He is currently dedicated to recording adult content on OnlyFans along with his son Arthur Urach.

Andressa Urach |  RedeTV |  Adult film actress The Brazilian model left reality shows to devote herself entirely to her OnlyFans. Photo: Andressa Urachs IG