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Murgia: “A fascist government only recognizes its family model” Politics

“Family queerness is something that exists and talking about it is an increasingly political imperative, with a fascist government that doesn’t recognize any model for families other than its own,” Michela Murgia writes on Instagram in a post breaking into the social diary of these days is adding another piece about her illness and how to deal with it with the support of her queer family.

Murgia A fascist government only recognizes its family model Politics

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The author, who revealed she has late-stage cancer: “It feels like a party, but with friends, my son and the sun outside, what else could it be?” (HANDHABEN)

Today he recalls the Sardinian custom of using the term “sa sposa/su sposu” for relationships that have nothing to do with engagement, gender or age.

“In the queer family I live in, there isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard the term groom/bride in the last few years. After confusing the non-Sardinians, the evidence has prevailed: the choice of love must come first, because in the family, so-called traditional feelings are tied to roles, while in the queer family it is exactly the opposite: roles are masks that Carry feelings if and when it is necessary, otherwise never better.”

In short, the author asserts, “The use of alternative language categories enables inclusion, goes beyond the power of legal titles, limits ownership dynamics, multiplies amorous energies and gets them flowing.”

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