Warning Woman uses gel nail polish and cannot move her

Warning: Woman uses gel nail polish and cannot move her fingers

According to a report in the New York Post, one woman reported having trouble moving her hands due to a suspected allergic reaction to nail care products. Lisa Dewey, 36, mentioned getting her nails done at the beauty salon for many years. In February of this year, however, she applied for the gel polish and had a terrible infection.

At first, doctors attributed the sores to an infection caused by bacteria and advised him to use antibiotics and antiinflammatory drugs. After noticing an obvious improvement in infection symptoms with the treatment, in April she decided to change the method and stick to acrylic nails.

However, the symptoms returned and she again noticed significant deterioration in her nails.

Woman is allergic to gel polish and cannot perform simple tasks

She said her nails had started to turn purple, which made her fear she would lose her finger altogether. When she did the application again, this time with acrylic nails, she felt the same reaction as when using gel polish.

As reported by the Independent, the woman described how the skin on her fingers felt like it was tearing like paper, causing severe pain and making even simple hand movements difficult. For her, the situation is so embarrassing that she has preferred to keep her hands hidden.

The BBC report indicated that suspicion of an allergy to the products had been raised manicure. In addition, dermatologists report that there is a significant increase in allergic reactions when using gel nails, the report states.

As a rule, these are products that cause an allergy when they come into contact with the skin, as experts have found. Therefore, be careful when using any product or visiting a beauty salon!