Netflix Announces Subscription Reduction for Cuban Users

Netflix Announces Subscription Reduction for Cuban Users

Netflix announced a change in the monthly subscription fee for several Latin American countries, including Cuba, amid the wave of protests on social media over the restrictions placed on those who share accounts.

The streaming video platform charges those who hire the service from Cuba $3.99 per month for the Basic plan and up to $7.99 for the Premium plan, which allows up to four devices to be connected and the content available in Ultra HD.

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The reduction, which will also benefit other countries in the region such as Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Paraguay, among others, comes amid controversy sparked by Netflix, which wants to eliminate joint accounts and claims to be facing significant economic losses.

However, news of a Netflix tariff change will not have much impact even for Cuba, which has one of the worst internet connections in the world. according to the Worldwide Broadband Speed ​​​​​​League 2022 report.

Netflix has been licensed to operate in Cuba since 2015, although the high connection prices, the slowness of the service provided by ETECSA and the fact that not everyone has the necessary equipment to navigate cyberspace pose problems for citizens.

Likewise, there is a problem that has not yet been solved, and that is that for payment you need a Visa, Master Card or American Express bank card, to which it is impossible to import money from Cuba.

A 2015 analysis by Bloomberg magazine concluded that Cuba was not ready for Netflix.

In February last year, the independent press outlet el TOQUE published a report entitled “How Cubans Watch Netflix? great changes due to the changes in politics of American society.

Cubans are replacing the use of the most famous video platform in the world with the Pack of the Week, a much cheaper and more accessible option that can be enjoyed offline and keeps Cubans up to date on movies, series and reality shows.