Weekly News Forecasts

Weekly News Forecasts

Prensa Latina announces its key information predictions for the week of February 19-25, 2023 below:

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Cuba: Candidates for deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament) continue their meetings with citizens as part of preparations for parliamentary elections on March 26. (During the week)

Russia: Russia is celebrating the first anniversary of the military operation in Ukraine amid possible advances in Donbass and eventual lifting of the siege on the strategic city of Artiomovsk. (February 24)

United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi will host the 2023 World Women’s Summit on August 21-22, themed “The Role of Women Leaders in Strengthening Peace, Social Inclusion and Promoting Prosperity”. (February 21 and 22)


Cuba: Cubans commemorate the 128th anniversary of the island’s resurgence in independence struggles with the so-called Necessary War against Spanish colonialism, promoted in part by national hero José Martí. (February 24)


US: A year after the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, President Joe Biden’s administration is reaffirming its military support for Kiev, according to complaints from Moscow, which limits the chances of a negotiated solution to the conflict. (During the week)

United States: After initial media silence, the issue of a train laden with toxic substances derailing in Ohio earlier this month is attracting public attention as controversy mounts over the Joe Biden administration’s response. (During the week)

United Nations: Under the motto “Breaking down barriers and opening up opportunities”, the UN is marking World Social Justice Day at a time when inequalities, conflict and the weakening of institutions protecting workers’ rights are increasing around the world. (20. February)

United Nations: The UN celebrates International Mother Language Day with the premise of achieving universal access to education through multilingual education, recognizing that 40 percent of the world’s population are not educated in a language they speak or understand. (21st of February)


El Salvador: Political parties in El Salvador are making approaches to alliances and the selection of candidates for the presidency and deputations to the Legislative Assembly, among other electoral positions. (During the week).

El Salvador: President Nayib Bukele’s government maintains measures to detain the last remaining gang member of an estimated 76,000, of whom more than 64,100 are currently in prison. (During the week)

Costa Rica: President Rodrigo Chaves ends a five-day tour of the southern part of the country marked by previous rebuffs from indigenous organizations over statements by the president they described as discriminatory against indigenous peoples. (21st of February)

Haiti: The Haiti government is expecting a new shipment of vehicles, in addition to vessels from Canada, to patrol national waters as part of Ottawa’s strategy to assist the national police force to combat insecurity. (During the week)

Haiti: Recent sanctions by Canada and the United States against members of Haiti’s political and business class for their alleged support and funding of armed gangs have provoked strong reactions from domestic political actors. (During the week)

Guatemala: After two years of face-to-face classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2023 school year opens its doors to the public sector across the country. (20. February)

Mexico: The anticipation continues in another crucial week of the trial in New York of former Mexican Security Minister Genaro García Luna, after hearings concluded and the case moved to the court for a verdict. (During the week)

Nicaragua: The Nicaraguan government and the militancy of the Sandinista National Liberation Front will pay tribute to General Augusto César Sandino on the 89th anniversary of his assassination. (21st of February)

Panama: Panamanians will enjoy their favorite festival, Carnival 2023, in person after three years of restrictions due to Covid-19 in a long five-day holiday and amid strict safety and health precautions. (from February 18th to 22nd)

Dominican Republic: The Dominican Medical Association will hold a march against the health risk administrators in Bonao, Monseñor Nouel province. (February 22)


Argentina: President Alberto Fernández will visit Antarctica, where the government will inaugurate three scientific and technological laboratories and a culture point. (February 22).

Brazil: President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will announce a new Bolsa Família, a social program with a minimum payment of 600 reais (about $120) per family, plus another 150 ($25) for each child up to the age of six. (During the week)

Brazil: The carnival will last until February 22 and is one of the biggest parties in the world and one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions with thousands of visitors. (from February 19th to 22nd)

Brazil: The federal government is considering again closing the airspace in the indigenous Yanomami area in the northern state of Roraima to speed up the exit of illegal miners. (During the week)

Chile: Authorities will continue to provide emergency shelters for families affected by wildfires in south-central Chile, where brigades from different countries are working to put out active sources. (During the week)

Colombia: The 42nd edition of the tourist showcase of the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies, ANATO 2023, starts on Wednesday with the presence of national and foreign delegations. (from February 23rd to 24th)

Ecuador: As part of the 2023 Carnival, parades, troops, concerts, business fairs and other events are planned for the delight of citizens (from February 18 to 21).

Ecuador: The National Assembly (Parliament) multi-party commission investigating alleged government corruption and its links to drug trafficking will issue a report with recommendations that could include the impeachment of President Guillermo Lasso. (February 22)

Uruguay: A legal chapter has been closed with the verdict against ex-presidential administrator Alejandro Astesiano, but the edges of the case remain open, such as money laundering and the likelihood of the disclosure of further compromising chats for the four-year and six-month prison sentence. (During the week)

Venezuela: Women, men and children will enjoy the celebrations during the Carnival season, which will be the most popular holiday across the country for two days. (February 20th and 21st)


Russia: President Vladimir Putin will address both chambers of parliament, as he does every year. (21st of February)

UNESCO: The world conference “For a reliable Internet” meets with the aim of developing guidelines for the responsible use of digital platforms in the face of misinformation and the denial of scientifically sound facts. (from February 22nd to 23rd)

Spain/Cuba: I See Islands opens a multifaceted exhibition in the Spanish capital with the imprint of great figures of Cuban plastic art and the stamp of the letters of Dulce María Loynaz. (20. February)

Italy: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has been attending the Munich Security Conference in this German city since Saturday 18th, culminating on February 19th where possible contacts with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz are expected; French President Emmanuel Macron and US Vice President Kamala Harris. (19th of February)

Italy: The Cuban MP Mariela Castro, director of Cenesex, continues a series of conferences in various Italian cities that will take place this week on February 20 in Florence, on February 21 in Rome, as well as in Pescara, Catanzaro and Cosenza 22, 24 and 25 of this month. (from February 20th to 25th)

Poland: US President John Biden is visiting Poland, the leading country in Europe on calls for an economic siege on Russia after the latter launched military operation in Ukraine nearly a year ago. (During the week)

Europe: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is touring Germany, Turkey and Greece amid a debate in Europe over tightening sanctions on Russia. (from February 20th to 22nd)

Bulgaria: The campaign for the early parliamentary elections continues after another crisis to form a majority government. (During the week)

Austria: The Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) will meet in Vienna to discuss regional issues, including the conflict in Ukraine, amid the boycott some countries want to impose on Russian delegates attending the event. (February 22nd and 23rd)


Lebanon: Amid doubts and a lack of political understanding, Lebanon is awaiting the convening of the twelfth session of Parliament to elect the Republic’s new President and end a nearly four-month power vacuum. (During the week)

Lebanon: Lebanese Public Education Association continues indefinite strike over failure to meet job requirements and deepening economic, financial and social crisis. (During the week)

South Africa: South Africa’s Police Minister, Bheki Cele, and his leaders will appear before Parliament next week to discuss in depth the latest crime figures in the country and ongoing crime-fighting plans. (During the week)

Angola: Angola will follow closely the outcome of the African Union Heads of State and Government Summit, which will be attended by a national delegation led by President João Lourenço. (19th of February)

Syria: The recovery phase begins after the two earthquakes that hit the country, while aid continues to arrive from nations and international organizations for the victims. (During the week)

Nigeria: Nigeria will hold national presidential and parliamentary elections on February 25 amid tensions over the country’s violence and warnings from election officials. (February 25)


China: Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan will visit China to discuss the progress of bilateral relations with his counterpart Qin Gang. (from February 19th to 21st)

India: The first cultural meeting of the G20, the intergovernmental forum of the world’s major economies, will be held in the Indian city of Khajuraho in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, home to Hindu and Jain temples that have been declared World Heritage Sites UNESCO. (from February 22nd to 25th)


Cuba: The reinterpretation of the culture of the United Kingdom from the perspective of Cuban artists will be the common thread in the activities of the tenth British Culture Week, which will include initiatives related to visual arts, theater and music, the latter with a concert tribute to the album “Let it be” by The Beatles. (from February 21 to 26)

Cuba: The sixth edition of the Salsa Festival will have the Club 500 in Havana as its main venue, with the participation of 27 of the best national orchestras of popular dance music and the presence of more than 200 dancers from almost 10 countries to its organizers. (from February 22nd to 26th)


Geneva: On World Day for Social Justice, the International Labor Organization (ILO) brings together leaders from academia, politics and labor to discuss how to advance global society (February 20).

Cuba: The Cuban authorities continue to step up economic measures to solve the country’s most pressing problems. (During the week)


Geneva: World Encephalitis Day aims to educate people about this disease and its causes, how to avoid it and how to treat it most effectively. (February 22)

TOKYO: The world celebrates International Commitment to Mercury Control Day, created to publicize the ill effects of mercury trade and the treaty adopted by 140 countries to resolve the problem. (February 23)

Geneva: More than 60 countries are celebrating International Cochlear Implant Day, a technique that enables a profoundly deaf person to hear by electrically stimulating the acoustic cells in the inner ear. (February 25)


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