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New US poll sees Trump winning favor with voters ahead of Biden

Just days before the climax of the US presidential primaries, a recent poll predicts trouble for incumbent Joe Biden.

According to research published today on behalf of the New York Times, the majority of registered voters would currently vote for former Republican President Donald Trump. In the national poll, 48 percent said they wanted to vote for Trump, while 43 percent said they wanted to vote for Biden.

Democrats are losing a group of voters

Only one in four respondents believed the US was currently moving in the right direction. More than twice as many said Biden's policies hurt them instead of helping them.

According to the poll, support for Biden also fell among two groups of voters who typically vote reliably for Democrats: non-white voters and ordinary workers.

Trump voters are voting for Trump again

According to the survey, 97% of voters who voted for Trump in 2020 want to vote for him again. For Biden, this is 83%; according to the survey, ten percent of former Biden voters this time trust Trump.

On Tuesday, “Super Tuesday,” primaries will take place in 15 US states, including the most populous states, California and Texas. In almost all of these states, both Democrats and Republicans are holding on to their votes.