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Despite being one of the most common areas of study in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, also known as machine learning, may seem modern to some people. However, many trades already use algorithms to learn from data and perform tasks without being explicitly programmed to do so. Here are six of the many professions that benefit from machine learning skills.

Data Analyst
As stewards and custodians of an organization’s data set, data analysts use statistical tools and methods to extract useful information from it, including to better communicate information within the organization. By using machine learning techniques, they are able to predict trends and outcomes.

Developers and AI developers
Here, machine learning techniques are used to develop computer systems capable of autonomous learning. Developers create and train AI models, write code to integrate them into existing applications or systems, and optimize the performance of those models.

data scientist
Statistical and mathematical methods are used to extract insights from large data sets, and then analytical tools are used to uncover hidden patterns, relationships and insights within. By applying this methodology, data scientists can help companies make informed decisions and even predict trends and outcomes through machine learning.

engineer and robotics engineer
AI allows them to enhance robots’ perceptual abilities to better understand their surroundings, plan, make decisions, and machine learn to adapt based on their experiences. Robotics engineers also develop advanced control systems guided by vision or speech.

Credit Analyst
Credit analysts use AI to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their credit risk assessments. AI can help analyze large amounts of financial data such as financial statements, borrower information, and market data to identify trends and potential risks. This allows them to make more informed decisions about loan applications and reduce the risk of default.

By analyzing large amounts of health data, such as Electronic medical records, for example, allow physicians to make more informed treatment decisions, thereby reducing misdiagnosis. They can also identify higher-risk patients and refer them for screening. Through the use of algorithms, automating certain repetitive medical tasks allows them to spend more time on more complex tasks.

machine learning
There is no doubt that AI is growing rapidly and offers companies immense opportunities for continuous improvement. The Faculty of Science and Engineering continuing education also gives you the opportunity to complete a brand new Machine Learning and AI program to expand your skills in fundamental notions of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and digital vision.

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