Russian military personnel will increase to one and a half

Russian military personnel will increase to one and a half million

Moscow, 17.01. (Prensa Latina) Russia will increase the number of military personnel in its armed forces to one and a half million between 2023 and 2026, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu assured today.

“The measure will comply with the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure the military security of the state and to protect new subjects and objects of vital importance in the country,” Shoigu said.

The defense minister assured that each of the decisions would be coordinated with the deputy ministers, the commanders-in-chief of the branches of the armed forces and senior officers of the military districts.

In addition, Shoigu said that it was necessary to draw up a comprehensive plan to increase the composition of the military, as well as to supply weapons to the State Defense Service, build infrastructure for the deployment of troops, and provide adequate resources.

He noted among the changes the importance of recruiting troops with contracted military, increasing the number of training camps, including in the new territories of Russia, and reviewing preparatory programs according to the needs of the army.

“We will have two new military districts: Moscow and Leningrad, we will also organize self-sufficient formations of troops in the new areas to form an army corps in Karelia,” he added.

He ordered the creation of three new motor gun and two air assault divisions, the reorganization of seven motor gun brigades into divisions, and the strengthening of the combat component of the Navy, Aerospace and Strategic Missile Forces.

On February 24, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin launched a military operation to “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine and ensure the security of the Eurasian nation.