Nicole Kidman stars in “Expatriates, a miniseries based on the bestselling book

Sao Paulo

Three American women of different ages and backgrounds try to rebuild their lives in Hong Kong. They are connected by the same tragedy and face difficult decisions.

Lulu Wang, director of “The Farewell,” signs the sixepisode miniseries “Expatriates,” based on the bestselling novel by Janice YK Lee. Nicole Kidman is the leading actress.

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My piece of Brazil

Host Bruno Barros visits the region in the port area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, where Pequena África was located, the neighborhood founded by former slaves in the 19th century. The area is on the rise and has attracted many tourists.

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The show airs the second episode of the series “Alergia O Corpo em Alerta”, hosted by doctor and columnist Drauzio Varella. He explains that allergies go far beyond external symptoms like spots on the skin. The third and final episode will air next Sunday.

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Pregnancy test scams

Unemployed and in poor health, a young pregnant woman accepts a bizarre proposal: selling positive pregnancy tests to people willing to pay heavily for them.

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The beauty of the afternoon

At the height of her beauty, Catherine Deneuve stars in one of Luís Buñuel's most famous films from 1967. The actress plays a woman who is dissatisfied with her marriage and prostitutes herself in a brothel.

Telecine Cult, 10 p.m., 14 years

A little bit of me, a little bit of us

André Bushatsky's documentary interviews Holocaust survivors who have settled in Brazil. It also includes testimonials from Caio Blinder, Mario Sergio Cortella and Pedro Bial.

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Roberto Rodrigues, former Minister of Agriculture and coordinator of the Agribusiness Center of Fundação Getúlio Vargas, debates current agribusiness.

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