1709705744 Nikki Haley beats Donald Trump on Super Tuesday in Vermont

Nikki Haley beats Donald Trump on Super Tuesday in Vermont and prevents him from being a hit

BRANDON BELL / Getty Images via AFP Nikki Haley, seen here on March 4, 2024, won only one state on Super Tuesday: Vermont.

BRANDON BELL/Getty Images via AFP

Nikki Haley, seen here on March 4, 2024, only won one state on Super Tuesday: Vermont.

UNITED STATES – We had to wait three long hours to get the results. While the winner in the other states that voted for the Republican primaries this Tuesday, March 5, was announced in the minutes after the polls closed, Vermont allowed the tension to continue. And to everyone's surprise, Nikki Haley won against Donald Trump, preventing him from making a big splash on Super Tuesday.

If the former president remains the night's big winner on the Republican side with 12 out of 15 possible victories (two states have not yet announced their results at the time of writing), the former governor of Carolina of the South won with 49, 9% According to the New York Times, there was a 45.8% vote in Vermont against his rival.

The US Supreme Court rejects the Colorado ruling and declares

It's a symbolic victory for Nikki Haley, who won her second primary against Donald Trump since the start of the election cycle, which began in January. A few days ago she won the vote organized in the federal capital Washington DC

Will Haley give up the race?

If it remains below 50%, it will have to be divided proportionally between the 17 delegates who will elect the Republican Party representative for the presidential election at the party convention this summer. If she exceeds the absolute majority, she wins all the delegates allocated by the state.

The former UN ambassador insisted on staying in the race until Super Tuesday, ensuring she would stay as long as she remained “competitive”. But in view of the tidal wave of Donald Trump this Tuesday, calls from influential members of the Republican Party for his resignation are increasing on television channels.

His victory in Vermont actually won't change anything for the billionaire, who is guaranteed to win the Republican nomination. Or will she assume that her small breakthrough is enough to continue the adventure? In any case, as the American agency Associated Press noted, Nikki Haley has no speeches or appearances planned after Super Tuesday.

In a press release at the end of the day, his campaign estimated that there were still “a large number of Republican voters who express deep concern about Donald Trump.”

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