This is how he thinks about a possible reconciliation with Lucero

Manuel Mijaresfinally breaks the silence about the possibility of a reconciliation after several weeks of rumors bright Stara singer to whom he was married from 1997 to 2011. During these years they not only became parents of two children, Lucerito and José Manuel, but also formed one of the most stable marriages in national showbiz.

Despite their separation, the Mexican singers have managed to build a beautiful friendship and collaboration that allows them to work together on stage during their tour “Until we were done”, where they do not miss the opportunity to show affection, what has aroused distrust among his fans.

Let's remember that in mid-February at his concert at the El Paso County Coliseum in Texas Lucero and Manuel Mijares They had a nice moment during the song Amante Bandido, as the artist known as “The Bride of America” ​​surprised them by giving her ex-husband a kiss on the cheek.

Lucero and Manuel Mijares / El Universal Archive

Although both are single and spend a lot of time together thanks to their tour, the singers have stated more than once that they have no plans to pursue a romantic relationship again. However, their recent interactions seem to have caused a lot of excitement among their fans.

Because of the above, it is Manuel Mijares who has made it his mission to break the silence to share his feelings about the possibility of a romantic return bright Starwho separated from the businessman Michel Kuri Mid-2023.

Lucero with Michel Kuri and Manuel Mijares / Instagram – Screenshot

During a recent interview with the show Hoy, the Soldado del amor singer expressed that he had no interest in becoming romantically involved with the actress; “We are so very calm, we are very friends, we love each other very much and we are so happy.”

“We have a lot of fun on tour, people shout 'kiss, kiss, kiss' and we play with it. There is a great friendship and great affection,” he says. Manuel Mijareswho shares this bright Star will always have a place in your heart; “She is the mother of my children and also a great friend.”

The 66-year-old singer's statements complement those that the interpreter of Nada como ser Miss shared with her followers at the time, arguing that their friendship is stronger and that they prefer to remain that way.

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