North Korea fires two more missiles in the Pacific

North Korea fires two more missiles in the Pacific

Country started on Saturday; On Sunday, the US, South Korea and Japan held a joint military air exercise

North Korea launched two more ballistic missiles in the Pacific this Monday (Feb. 19, 2023). The launch comes a day after the United States held joint military air exercises with South Korea and Japan on the Korean Peninsula.

On Saturday (February 18), North Korea fired a Hwasong15 ICBM into the sea off the west coast of Japan. He said it was a “sudden launch drill” demonstrating his readiness for a “powerful counterattack” on enemy forces.

The state news agency KCNA said Saturday’s exercise was “conducted in the current situation, in which the military threats from the US and South Korea are becoming so serious that they can no longer be ignored.”

About the launch this Monday (February 20), KCNA said it was a response to the US and South Korea’s “puppet” troops. “Enemies constantly resort to such military demonstrations,” the agency said.

According to the agency, 2 projectiles were fired from a multiple rocket launcher, targeting targets 395 km and 337 km away respectively.

In a statement released by KCNA, Kim Yojong the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jongun said that “the frequency of using the Pacific” as North Korea’s “firing range” depends on the actions of US forces.

On Friday (February 17), North Korea threatened the US and South Korea if the countries continue to hold joint military exercises.

“Should the US and South Korea go ahead with their previously announced plan for military exercises, which North Korea views with justifiable concern and common sense as preparation for a war of aggression, they will face unprecedentedly strong and insistent responses,” he told the North Korean government.