Qualcomm announces Snapdragon X75 are you ready for the

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon X75, are you ready for the next generation of smartphones? – Clubish

Above all, this new 5G modem wants to prepare the ground by betting on compatibility with the next 5G advances, while wrapping itself in a new layer of AI to improve reception, especially in environments where cuts occur .

Qualcomm is thus announcing compatibility with versions 17 and 18 of the 3GPP. Version 18 is currently the most important as it marks the launch of “5G Advanced”, which should allow 5G to finally focus on the development of technologies around connected cities and the energy sector. Clearly what 5G promised the most interesting in its presentation.

Another novelty of the Snapdragon X75: it takes up less space. By rearranging the architecture of its modem, Qualcomm manages to take up 25% less space while reducing consumption by 20%, reports The Verge.

The chip also supports better 5G carrier aggregation. The latter allow frequencies to be combined to send and receive data much faster than when used individually. And coincidentally, the X75 can support up to 5 sub-6GHz carriers and 10mmWave carriers (5G millimeters). A technology that, however, is far from being exploited with dignity: it is hardly ever used by operators, The Verge notes.