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North Korea wants to test new type of cruise missile news

Self-proclaimed nuclear power North Korea says it has tested a new type of military cruise missile.

State-controlled media today made public yesterday's alleged weapons test and spoke of the first test of a new type of strategic cruise missile “Pulhwasal-3-31”. The weapon is under development.

North Korean missile “Pulhwasal-3-31”


The designation as a strategic weapon could indicate that North Korea designed the cruise missile to use nuclear warheads. North Korea is subject to international sanctions due to its nuclear weapons program.

Unlike ballistic missiles, which can also be equipped with nuclear warheads, cruise missile tests are not directly affected by UN ban decisions against the largely isolated country. Unlike ballistic missiles, guided missiles have their own permanent propulsion.

Tensions are rising again

South Korea's military detected several cruise missiles launched by North Korea yesterday. These fell into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and China. No further details were given.

North Korea had already published reports last week about tests of new weapons systems and rocket engines, including a supposedly nuclear-capable underwater attack drone.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are again rising significantly. Over the past two years, North Korea has increased the scale of its rocket and cruise missile tests and also increased rhetoric against the governments of South Korea and the United States.